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What is the exit strategy of my investment?

Our ultimate goal is for capital preservation, quarterly distributions, capital improvements, appreciation and eventual liquidity via a sale, refinance or a 1031 exchange. The usual time frame for an exit is either prior to or once the loan matures (5-7-10 years), depending on the maximized value of the appreciated property. During this hold period, our objective is to distribute to our partners on a quarterly basis while the property continues to appreciate in value. This will vary depending on the economic and market conditions.

Can I use my IRA or 401(k) funds to invest?

Yes, an IRA or 401(k) may be rolled into a self-directed IRA. These self-directed IRA’s can accumulate tax-free. These are handled by an intermediary called a custodian which directs the accumulation of distributions at your direction. There are strict restrictions so this must be run by your CPA or tax advisor to make sure this fits your investment strategy.

Do I have to be an accredited investor? If so, what does that mean?

In order to invest with Axon Equity, LLC, our investors must be accredited. What does this mean?
Net Worth exceeds $1,000,000 (not including primary residence)


Income exceeds $200,000 Individually EACH of the last two years and a reasonable expectation of the same level of income in the current year


Income exceeds $300,000 Joint with Spouse EACH of the last two years and a reasonable expectation of the same level of income in the current year

I am interested in learning more…what is my next step to becoming an Axon Equity Partner?

It is very important to make sure that Axon Equity, LLC is a good fit for your portfolio. Our multifamily investment philosophy is one of very stable, cash-yielding, long-term hold periods. We approach every potential liquidation opportunity on a case-by-case basis. As a result, it is imperative that we are both a good fit for each other. If you would like more information, please feel free to set up a time to talk. You can set up an appointment on the calendar below or call us at 210-696-RENT.

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